Friday, April 19, 2019


Greetings my weary warriors!

I don't believe I've indicated it previously, but I do actually need some tables from you folks to pull this sucker off!

8 hearty tables will come from me (Venusville and The Mines), 4 will be a combination of my stuff and your stuff (Ansari Station), and that leaves 4 which are completely your stuff (RajCorp R&D).
If you can bring a table or two, please drop me a line at! I would like a little description of what you have (ex. Strompost Alpha on a CyberPunk City 1 FLG mat.)

Obviously this could be a little complicated depending how you've sourced your masterpiece(s), so I'd appreciate a pic if you feel you can't convey it in words or links (one of those hidden deployment pics just hanging out on your phone would work!)

Ideally then, I could pick the tables that would best match what we're going for down at Ivanov Crater.

As terrain goes, the Battleground descriptions have been tweaked a bit.

Check it out and make sure you get to the bottom for the most pertinent bits.

And just to confirm, Children of the Red Planet does apply to Joel's Dazers!

Not too late to order those rusty pigment powders to get your forces battle ready!


Sunday, April 14, 2019


Regarding patches, I am working on a general Mission Critical 2019 patch for everyone. I am not making Team specific patches, so if you were to fancy that, you'd have to seize the initiative (and it sounds like many of you already have!) I see the original icons were uploaded with poor resolution, so this post will contain larger, high resolution versions of all the original icons, plus, now that the Mercs and Wildcards have been sorted, I've added customized icons for them as well. Enjoy!

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Wednesday, April 10, 2019


Let's keep this alert train rolling! 

First off, thanks for getting the word out! We've got a few nibbles already. Much appreciated!

Lists are due Thursday, May 2nd. Send Infinity Army PDFs to this email address. 

Here's a little summary of everything that's been indicated previously, plus some additional clarifications and juicy nuggs:
  • 300 Points
  • Two Lists
  • No Spec-Ops (except for those rascally Druze)
  • Although this is not an official ITS, we will use the Bravery, Landing Assistance, Ironclad, Reduced Combat Groups rules from Season 10.
  • Retreat rules will apply in each game, but will not automatically end the game at the end of that turn, as in many ITS missions.
  • HVTs will not be used.
  • Xenotechs and Multiscanners will not be used.
  • The official Classified Cards will not be used. Remember the assigned Team Classifieds will be similar but not identical (some require an HVT for instance, so a different target will be indicated for those).
  • Missions will be similar to ITS missions and the same wordy format we all love will be used.
  • No Mission will specifically require or reward Doctors, Paramedics, or Forward Observers (although your Team Classified might)
The next email will be separate for each side. It will include a MISSION and a reminder about your Team's CLASSIFIED. 

Your team mates' email addresses will be visible in that email, so if you haven't met and would like to chat or coordinate anything beforehand, go ahead and make it happen!

Just a reminder, there will be another email about TABLES and TERRAIN after that, so you may want to wait to finalize your lists until your receive that one.

Tuesday, April 9, 2019


Greetings friends! Even though the Martian summer is nearly over, things are starting to heat up at Ivanov Crater!

This alert is a little overdue as I kept thinking of goodies to add. As the alert grew to be quite monstrous in length, I have decided to break out into targeted succulent nuggets of information.

This email will talk about SIGNUPS and TEAMS. 

The next alert you receive will provide a link to a MISSION and some additional direction on LIST BUILDING. 


Of course we need to chat about this year's CHARITY (*new!), the RAFFLE and FOOD.

In any case, let's get to SIGNUPS and TEAMS:

Now that we are in the final stretch, we've had a few more drops and burned through the waiting list yet again. We are at 28 out of 32 spots filled, so please spread the word! If you do recruit someone, I'll even toss you another ticket for the Raffle, since all the pairings/table assignments will be much easier for me with an even 32. 

Finally, the much awaited list of this year's Teams are below! Please don't panic if your team isn't "full" or offer to jump to an understrength team, as we have additional spots to fill and there are secret plans to address any unbalance in the CORPORATE and INSURGENT lineups. 

Under the CORPORATE Umbrella we have:

Jamie Kuddle – Tunguska
Jordan Heckman – Neoterra
Matthew Loftus – Neoterra

Corporate Affiliates
Jon Witthuhn – Tohaa
Jonas Gabel – Varuna
Tyler Peterson – Varuna
Joel Vaughn – Spiral Corps

Black Lotus Syndicate
Ryan Moore – Onyx
Tor Swanson – HB

Gathering under the INSURGENT banner we have:

The Resistance
Eero Bodien – Ariadna
Rob Baker – USARF
Will Thompson – Druze
Zach Daley – Druze

Rebels of Cydonia
Luke Helgeson – JSA
Josh Huebner – Yu Jing
Scott Tipsword – Corregidor

Red Mars
Brian Solomon – Nomads
Mark Hayes – Ramah
Travis Dralle – Corregidor
Thor – Nomads

Straddling the line between CORPORATE and INSURGENT we have:

Edwin Perez – QK
Mike Sauer – QK

Mark Nelson – Military Orders
Jason Lester – Military Orders

The Classified Objective for Military Orders will be based off the Capture Classified.

And finally, we have unlocked a completely new Team, ALEPH! You didn't think our benevolent overlord would just sit on the sidelines for this one, did you?

Clayton Beese – OSS
Theodore Krenke – OSS
Nathan Vik – OSS
Andrew Kepner – Steel Phalanx

The Classified Objective for ALEPH will be based off the Identity Check Classified.

You have reached the end of this Mission Critical Alert. Good. Bye.


Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Mines of Mars

Here we have a massive pile of Martian underground mine sections. These, along with the exterior Martian cliff structures, are the biggest part of the Mission Critical Infinity terrain project this year. Once these big pieces are finished, it's just details!

Sunday, January 13, 2019

2019 Battlegrounds

Ivanov Crater has four distinct Battlegrounds, each with its own terrain style.

RajCorp R&D Facility

"Traditional" Infinity tables with a mix of low and high structures, aligned around an Objective Room. Buildings interiors may be in use.

Ansari Station

Low and high structures mixed with low and high irregular rocky elements. 


Mix of lower structures and walls with larger blocking rocky elements. Most of the tables will feature a Low Visibility and/or Saturation zone element.

The Mines
Irregular corridor type tables aligned around a central Objective Room elevator. Most passages are capped around a 76mm "ceiling". Models may not exceed this height for jumping, climbing, or vaulting purposes. Lastly, Speculative Fire and Guided Fire orders are limited to a maximum range of 8" on these tables.

In addition, we will be using a couple House rules for the event across all Battlegrounds:

Saturation Zones
If a model with Burst 1 is firing through a Saturation zone, they will suffer a -3 mod to their dice roll in lieu of the -1 Burst penalty (which would normally be ignored in this situation.)

Children of the Red Planet
Any model on a Mars themed based gains the Multi-terrain special rule.