Friday, April 19, 2019


Greetings my weary warriors!

I don't believe I've indicated it previously, but I do actually need some tables from you folks to pull this sucker off!

8 hearty tables will come from me (Venusville and The Mines), 4 will be a combination of my stuff and your stuff (Ansari Station), and that leaves 4 which are completely your stuff (RajCorp R&D).
If you can bring a table or two, please drop me a line at! I would like a little description of what you have (ex. Strompost Alpha on a CyberPunk City 1 FLG mat.)

Obviously this could be a little complicated depending how you've sourced your masterpiece(s), so I'd appreciate a pic if you feel you can't convey it in words or links (one of those hidden deployment pics just hanging out on your phone would work!)

Ideally then, I could pick the tables that would best match what we're going for down at Ivanov Crater.

As terrain goes, the Battleground descriptions have been tweaked a bit.

Check it out and make sure you get to the bottom for the most pertinent bits.

And just to confirm, Children of the Red Planet does apply to Joel's Dazers!

Not too late to order those rusty pigment powders to get your forces battle ready!


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