Saturday, December 21, 2019


Registration for 2020 starts January 1st!

Mission Critical 2020 will commence in Waupaca, WI, on May 1st-3rd, 2020!
  • The Narrative Kick Off will be Friday, May 1st, at 9pm. (Optional attendance)
  • The first game will be Saturday Morning, May 2nd, at 9am. 
  • The awards will conclude Sunday afternoon, May 3rd at 4:30pm.

Event Rules

  • 40 players
  • 5 Rounds of play with voluntary Saturday evening event (Mandatory attendance)
  • 300 Point Armies with 2 Lists
  • All models must be fully painted to a 3 color minimum
  • HVTs are not required. They will be provided by the TO if necessary.
The following ITS Season 11 Rules and Extras apply:
Armored Tactical Scanner, Ironclad, Bravery, Civilians in Infinity, Designated Target, Datatracker, Landing Assistance, Long Service, Reduced Combat Groups, Tactical Window 

To clarify, the following ITS Season 11 Rules and Extras will NOT apply: Liaison Officer, Concililium Watch, Closed Battle Lists, Spec-Ops, Limited Insertion, Soldiers of Fortune, Escalation 

The following House Rules WILL apply:
Children of Bourak - Any model on desert themed base gains the Multi-terrain special rule

Tracker - Any model starting the game on a Motorcycle gains the Specialist Operative rule. In addition, one model with the Booty L2 rule in your list may choose a Motorcycle instead of rolling on the Booty table at the start of the game.

How does Scoring in this narrative event work?
Players will score points individually and as a 4 man team in Missions similar to the ITS. To clarify, all games will be one on one. Exact missions will not be known ahead of time, instead they will be released as the story unfolds. Hints on Missions, Classified objectives and Specialists will be released prior to the event and army list deadline.

How do Teams work?
Players may form their own Teams ahead of time or they may be placed on a Team by Rodge if they have no preference. Each Team will have its own thematic background, similar to last year's event.

The players may create this background for themselves or Rodge will provide it if they have no preference. Unlike last year, there are no restrictions on factions, units or Classifieds.

We encourage players to think outside of the typical factional divisions (All Pano, YJ, Nomads, etc.) To see examples of Teams that are not just aligned by faction, check out last year's teams.

Any and all of last year's teams are welcome to return this year – each would have their own reasons for returning.


Registration opens January 1st, 2020 and closes March 31st, 2020.

To register, Paypal $65 to address. (Note: this is a different Paypal address than last year. Also, please use the Friends and Family option – we're all one big Infinity family, aren't we?)

Full refunds are available until March 31st. After that, a refund would be conditional on your spot being filled by another player.

Please include in the Paypal note:
  • Your Name 
  • Hometown and State 
  • Preferred email if it is not the same as your Paypal address 
  • If you can bring one more tables of terrain (please provide a brief description – you can send photos to 
Note: Team affiliations are not required at Registration and will not be officially recorded even if intent is declared as these things tend to change. Starting on March 1st, Teams may officially be locked in. 

This registration includes entry to the event, Mission Critical 2020 Glassware, and two entries into the Charity Raffle. Once again the Charity Raffle will include a fully painted scratch built table with silky Neoprene gaming mat and a fully painted 300 point army.

+ $20 Join the Sam Lenz Brush Technique Seminar
You may add $20 to your payment to get in on Sam Lenz's brush tutorial from 5pm to 8pm on Friday, May 1st. Award-winning painter and Tabletop Minion regular Sam Lenz will spill his secrets for three hours. Limited to 19 spots (as Rodge is definitely getting in on this!) Check out more of his goodies on his Facebook page.

+ $35 Take home a gaming mat!
You may add $35 to your payment to take home a Front Line Gaming 4x4' Sandwept Ruins, Badlands 1 or Scrublands Neoprene gaming mat after the event. You may purchase more than one but these are limited in quantity and the deal is only available to Mission Critical 2020 players in attendance. Let me know which mat(s) you would like in your Paypal note.


The event will be held at the same location as 2019 and players are encouraged to lodge on site.

Ramada Waupaca
110 Grand Seasons Drive, Waupaca, WI 54981
(This is about halfway between Chicago and Minneapolis)
(715) 258-9212

Reserve your room by phone with the codeword “Mission Critical”. The website may not necessarily show availability, but if you call, you will be able to get access to the group block and rate.


If you'd like to know more, send Rodge an email to

Sunday, May 19, 2019


In double checking the raffle figures, I see I forgot to add the last minute Paypal payments for Raffle tickets to my earlier figure of $805 or so. After adding those in and deducting the shipping costs for the Symbiomate Tribe giveaways, we are at a final donation figure of  $947.70 (!) to the Environmental Defense Fund! That is amazing!! Thank you to all who donated!

Monday, May 13, 2019


In the Martian mines, miners frequently settled grudges the old way, with the mine elevators doubling as cages for their pit fights. Sixteen combatants honored this tradition Saturday night at Mission Critical.

Here are a few snaps of the final rounds. It came down to Matthew's Swiss Guard HMG (who unbelieve-ably defeated Neko Oyama, Saito Togan and Senior Massacre) to face Jon's Kiel-Saan (which went through a Jaguar, Nahab, and Hussein Al-Djabel). The final round was brief, with the Kiel-Saan quickly dispatching the Swiss Guard. Congrats Jon! Well fought Matt!

Here were the rules we used:
- Starting Wounds equal to Physique value
- Crits cause D20 damage (roll ARM or BTS against each point of damage separately)
- For each additional WND value over 1, count 1 critical as a normal hit instead
- No Lt, Tactical Sense, Impetuous orders, or Command tokens. (just tit for tat back and forth)
- Rerolls available for certain event achievements prior and each $5 ticket purchased for the Charity Raffle (could buy as you go!)

We did have some restrictions:
- No STR (no blood)
- No monofilament or Adhesive ammo (no sport)
- 10 point model minimum (no risk)

E/M was allowed which did shut down some HI.

A model that was killed could not be used in Sunday's games. A model with less than half wounds could voluntarily yield by leaving the elevator. (Which did happen at least once, as Jon's Kiel-Saan let Mark's Nahab flee once it became clear his +6 BTS Metachemistry roll would shut him down!)

Thursday, May 9, 2019


Big thanks to all who attended and congrats to our winners!

The Corporate forces wavered in Round 4 but rallied in Round 5 for a resounding victory!

The war was won by Joel Vaughan, Jonas Gabel, Tyler Peterson, Andrew Pangburn, Clayton Beese,  Nathan Vik, Theodore Krenke, Jamie Kuddle, Jordan Heckman, Julian Dwight, Matt Loftus, Jason Lester, and Edwin Perez. Nice work lads!

The award for Best Team went to RajCorp. Way to go Jamie Kuddle, Jordan Heckman, Julian Dwight, and Matt Loftus!

The award for Best Performance went to Julian Dwight. Congrats!

The award for Worst Performance went to Jon Witthuhn (along with that coveted complete set of Total Recall trading cards.) Although Jon did redeem himself by winning the Saturday Night Cage Fight!

The Best Army award went to Will Thompson! That was some sweetness, my man!

This event is not really about the numbers but I do have some breakdowns to peruse for bragging rights purposes. Enjoy!