Sunday, January 13, 2019

2019 Battlegrounds

Ivanov Crater has four distinct Battlegrounds, each with its own terrain style.

RajCorp R&D Facility

"Traditional" Infinity tables with a mix of low and high structures, aligned around an Objective Room. Buildings interiors may be in use.

Ansari Station

Low and high structures mixed with low and high irregular rocky elements. 


Mix of lower structures and walls with larger blocking rocky elements. Most of the tables will feature a Low Visibility and/or Saturation zone element.

The Mines
Irregular corridor type tables aligned around a central Objective Room elevator. Most passages are capped around a 76mm "ceiling". Models may not exceed this height for jumping, climbing, or vaulting purposes. Lastly, Speculative Fire and Guided Fire orders are limited to a maximum range of 8" on these tables.

In addition, we will be using a couple House rules for the event across all Battlegrounds:

Saturation Zones
If a model with Burst 1 is firing through a Saturation zone, they will suffer a -3 mod to their dice roll in lieu of the -1 Burst penalty (which would normally be ignored in this situation.)

Children of the Red Planet
Any model on a Mars themed based gains the Multi-terrain special rule.

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