Friday, January 11, 2019

2019 Registration

Registration is open now and closes March 31st, 2019!

All payments should be made through Paypal to the address.

There are two ways to get involved this year. Read below!

Standard Registration - $55
*As of 4/9/19, there are a few spots available. Register to get in!*

Please include:
  • Your Name
  • Hometown and State
  • Army
Standard Registration includes entry to the event, a goodie pouch, and one entry into the drawing to win a fully painted scratch built table with a silky Neoprene gaming mat! 

How do I make sure I get to play with my friends on the same side?
You just need to make sure you and your friends play armies under the same Allegiance (Corporate vs Insurgent). Although there are different Teams, all the Corporate and Insurgent Teams will be working together. Undeclared Mercenaries and Wildcards will have the opportunity to work with both sides of the conflict and may join a side before the end.

Elite Registration - $325 (or $270 to upgrade your Standard Registration)

If you don't want to take a chance on the table drawing, (or if you're like me and prefer to buy your wins) this is your option! (This is also maybe for those who like to call themselves Elite.)  This gets you in to the event, that goodie pouch, and one of the Venusville or Mine tables of your choice! The choice is on a first come basis. So whoever registers for this first, gets their first choice of table at the end of the event, the second person gets second pick, etc. We'll still give you an entry to win a table but that'd really be too much table to handle if you accidentally won, so you will get to give that entry to another player to spread the love. (Let the bribes commence!) Full table pics will become available in March.

Stand-alone Table Purchase - $295
If you can't make it to Mission Critical but fancy one of the custom tables for your home, club, or store, we can arrange to ship you one after the event. Full table pics will become available in March.

40 Player Stretch Goal
If there are 5 Elite Registrations or Table Purchases, we will hit the 40 Player Stretch Goal! This will unlock one additional Battleground (The Martian Badlands) and all Teams will add a 5th player! 

50 Player Stretch Goal
This would just be a little crazy... and I'm not sure I want it to happen... but...  if we can hit 10 Elite Registrations or Table Purchases, we will open this up to 50 Players! This would add two additional Teams to the lineup!

Full refunds will be available until March 31st, 2019. After that, there will be no refunds for the Standard Registration. Elite Registration or Table Purchase would be contingent on another person or gaming group stepping in to purchase the table. If not, we will make arrangements to deliver your table after the event.

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