Sunday, April 28, 2019


Finally, the charity!

I've mentioned working a charity into our annual shenanigans in prior alerts and that is moving forward this year!

Each year, we will pick a charity that is (perhaps tenuously) tied to the event's theme.

On Mars, terraforming is still in its infancy. The majority of the planet is an airless, low pressure waste.

Whoever controls the air, controls life. It is institutions like RajCorp that control the air, often skimping on crucial maintenance or intentionally strangling supply to exert influence over hapless citizens ("Damnit Verhoeven! Give these people air!")

It is organizations like the Environmental Defense Fund that are there, working for everyday Martians, demanding clean air standards and closing loopholes. We will be donating all Charity Raffle funds to that organization this year. (I will screenshot the final payment after the event.)

So how does this Charity Raffle work? If you've been to Paca, you probably know the gist of it but here we go:

All players will get a ticket to the Charity Raffle with their entry. 

You will be able to purchase more tickets at 5 bucks a pop.

Every time your name gets called, you head up and grab a goodie.

What will be in the Charity Raffle? Well, that is how we will be giving away that entire table of Martian terrain and corresponding Mars mat. If you lack the storage capacity for such a wonder, we will have the RajCorp Compliance center painted by Bubbles last year in there, a couple other terrain goodies, an army box, painted models and more! Those last two extremely ggenerous donations came from players Rob and Ryan (thanks dudes!), and I hope if you have not helped out with the event in some way already, that you will consider packing up some models or terrain you don't need to add to it. The more goodies in the pot, the more everyone will be enticed to drop their hard earned sheckles on a good cause!

But wait, there's more! I will have a separate little side raffle going from the complete Jub Jub and Pig Pig symbiomate tribes many of you encountered on the Rowanoco last year! This Fireteam: Tribe includes six feral symbiomates in each group. That is four spearbraves and two hunters (one with short bow and one with blowpipe.) The Jub Jubs prefer blue warpaint and long thrusting spears. The Pig Pigs prefer pink warpaint and short stabbing spears.

This is a side raffle with its own tickets as I will be posting it out on the WGC group and anywhere else to see if we can get some more donations. If you know somebody who might want these little buggers, have them send a paypal payment to (in $5 increments) with either Jub Jub or Pig Pig in the message line (whichever tribe they prefer to win.) We will draw two winners. The first pull gets their tribe and the second gets the other.

Jub Jub (Blue)

Pig Pig (Pink)


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