Wednesday, April 10, 2019


Let's keep this alert train rolling! 

First off, thanks for getting the word out! We've got a few nibbles already. Much appreciated!

Lists are due Thursday, May 2nd. Send Infinity Army PDFs to this email address. 

Here's a little summary of everything that's been indicated previously, plus some additional clarifications and juicy nuggs:
  • 300 Points
  • Two Lists
  • No Spec-Ops (except for those rascally Druze)
  • Although this is not an official ITS, we will use the Bravery, Landing Assistance, Ironclad, Reduced Combat Groups rules from Season 10.
  • Retreat rules will apply in each game, but will not automatically end the game at the end of that turn, as in many ITS missions.
  • HVTs will not be used.
  • Xenotechs and Multiscanners will not be used.
  • The official Classified Cards will not be used. Remember the assigned Team Classifieds will be similar but not identical (some require an HVT for instance, so a different target will be indicated for those).
  • Missions will be similar to ITS missions and the same wordy format we all love will be used.
  • No Mission will specifically require or reward Doctors, Paramedics, or Forward Observers (although your Team Classified might)
The next email will be separate for each side. It will include a MISSION and a reminder about your Team's CLASSIFIED. 

Your team mates' email addresses will be visible in that email, so if you haven't met and would like to chat or coordinate anything beforehand, go ahead and make it happen!

Just a reminder, there will be another email about TABLES and TERRAIN after that, so you may want to wait to finalize your lists until your receive that one.

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