Thursday, May 9, 2019


Big thanks to all who attended and congrats to our winners!

The Corporate forces wavered in Round 4 but rallied in Round 5 for a resounding victory!

The war was won by Joel Vaughan, Jonas Gabel, Tyler Peterson, Andrew Pangburn, Clayton Beese,  Nathan Vik, Theodore Krenke, Jamie Kuddle, Jordan Heckman, Julian Dwight, Matt Loftus, Jason Lester, and Edwin Perez. Nice work lads!

The award for Best Team went to RajCorp. Way to go Jamie Kuddle, Jordan Heckman, Julian Dwight, and Matt Loftus!

The award for Best Performance went to Julian Dwight. Congrats!

The award for Worst Performance went to Jon Witthuhn (along with that coveted complete set of Total Recall trading cards.) Although Jon did redeem himself by winning the Saturday Night Cage Fight!

The Best Army award went to Will Thompson! That was some sweetness, my man!

This event is not really about the numbers but I do have some breakdowns to peruse for bragging rights purposes. Enjoy!

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