Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Mission Critical 2022

The mission clock has started! In less than 90 days, we'll be rolling dice at Mission Critical 2020 2022!

We've kicked the can down the road a couple times but it will be happening this year, rain or shine! Here are the juicy details for 2022:

Mission Critical 2022 will commence in Waupaca, WI, on April 29th through May 1st, 2022!

  • The Storyline Kick Off will be Friday, April 29th, at 9pm. (Optional attendance)
  • The first game will be Saturday Morning, April 30th, at 9am.
  • The awards will conclude Sunday afternoon, May 1st at 4:30pm.

Event Story Arc (same as 2020)

2020 Mission Critical Trailer

Event Rules (some changes from 2020 and 2021)

  • Soft ITS Event (see below)
  • Up to 40 players, split into four man teams
  • 5 Rounds of one-on-one play with mandatory voluntary Saturday evening event
  • 300 Point Armies with 2 Lists
  • All models must be fully painted to a 3 color minimum
  • HVTs are not required. They will be provided by the TO if necessary.
  • The following ITS Season 13 Rules and Extras apply:
    • Civilians in Infinity, Designated Target, Casevac, Long Service, Tactical Ride
  • The following ITS Season 13 Rules and Extras will NOT apply:
    • Escalation, Free Game, Spec-ops, Soldiers of Fortune, Reinforced Command, Double Deck, CQB, Bike Recon, Defensive Turret F-13, Antarctic Territory
  • The following House Rules apply:
    • Children of Bourak - Any models on desert themed base gain the Multi-terrain special rule
  • First Mission: Frontline
  • Foreseeable Mission Pool: Acquisitions, Capture and Protect, Rescue, Supplies, Armory, Unmasking
How does a Soft ITS event work?
The overall event structure follows ITS closely with matchups and overall scoring. ITS missions will be used but may be modified to suit the story arc of the event (such as not using Bike Recon or Antarctic Territory rules). Not every mission will be known in advance. Tournament results will not be uploaded to the ITS system – if that is important to you, this is not the event for you.

How do the teams work?
All games are one on one but each player adds their overall points to the team. There will be opportunities to increase the overall team score through various challenges or objectives. The team with the highest score wins the event!

Players may form their own teams ahead of time with their buds or they may be placed on a team by Rodge if they have no preference. Similarly, players may come up with a thematic background for their team on their own or Rodge will cook up something for you.

There are no restrictions on armies for each team this year. See this post from the 2019 for good examples of teams that go beyond just "we're all the same faction."

Teams for 2019

Given this year's theme, any one of those teams could return in 2022!

Are there prizes?
You bet! There are loads of hard goods in the charity raffle (this year's funds will go to Charity Water). Registration includes one entry and you'll be able to purchase additional tickets at the event. There will be some goodies for the loveliest painting, favorite opponent votes, and other challenges as well. Recognition for the overall win and most points are limited to bragging rights only.


To register, Paypal $65 to RodgeRules@gmail.com address. (Please use the Friends and Family option to avoid fees – we're all one big Infinity family, aren't we?)

Please include in the Paypal note:
  • Your Name
  • Hometown and State
  • Preferred email if it is not the same as your Paypal address
  • If you can bring one more tables of terrain (please provide a description)

Note: Team affiliations are not required at Registration and will not be officially recorded even if intent is declared (as these things tend to change.) Starting on April 1st, Teams may officially be locked in.

+ $45 Add-on - Take home a gaming mat!
You may add $45 to your payment to take home a Front Line Gaming 4x4' Sandswept Ruins, Scrublands, Badlands 2* or Toxic Desert* gaming mat after the event. You may purchase more than one but these are limited in quantity and the deal is only available to Mission Critical 2022 players attending the event. Let me know which mat(s) you would like in your Paypal note.

*Note for returning players, the Badlands 2 and Toxic Desert mats are new since 2020. Take a look at them and see if they tickle your fancy!

+ $20 Add-on - Sam Lenz Brush Technique Seminar (Tentative)
In 2020, we had Sam Lenz scheduled for a 3 hour seminar on Friday, from 5pm to 8pm. We've asked Sam to return in 2022 but this isn't 100% locked in yet and may be subject to change (full refunds apply).

Refund Policy

Going forward regardless of the times means locking in certain expenses. The logistics to make this happen are as follows:
  • Feel free to add or drop prior to March 1st
  • Starting March 1st, $25 of your registration fee will be non-refundable ($40 returned to you)
  • Starting April 1st, $40 of your registration fee will be non-refundable ($25 returned to you)

Covid Protocols

Players will need to provide proof of a negative test less than 7 days prior to the event in order to attend. If a positive test does prevent you from attending (best not to speak of such terror!), we will kick the non-refundable portion of their registration fee forward to next year as a credit.


The event will be held at the same location as 2019 and players are encouraged to lodge on site.

Ramada Waupaca
110 Grand Seasons Drive, Waupaca, WI 54981
(This is about halfway between Chicago and Minneapolis)
(715) 258-9212

Reserve your room by phone with the codeword “Mission Critical”. The website may not necessarily show availability, but if you call, you will be able to get access to the group block and rate.


If you'd like to know more, send Rodge reply to this email address - Rodgerules@gmail.com.

Hope to see you there!


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